****Watch this site for news of  new litters*****


All puppies sold in Canada are CKC Registered, vet checked, first shots, wormed, micro-chipped, 2 year guaranteed on hips and eyes.      

 Price for a pet is $1,000.00 with $500.00 deposit    -    Breeder is $2,000.00 with $1,000.00 deposit 


ALL PUPPIES SOLD OUTSIIDE OF CANADA are CKC Registered, vet checked, have their first 3 sets of shots including Rabies.  They are wormed, micro-chipped and 2 year guarantee on hips and eyes.   Because of CROSS BOARDER LAWS these puppies cannot leave until they are 18 weeks old and all health requirements are met.  The cost of these puppies is increased because of the extra 11 weeks they are held by the Kennel.

                        COST OF A PET I$1,500.00       A BREEDER IS $2,50000.00                               WITH A DEPOSIT OF HALF DOWN




We are waiting patiently for  3 females to come into heat.  We are planning to breed for all 3 colors this time - yellow, black and chocolate.

We will breed Adi to King for yellow,    Solo to Rosy for chocolate   and Solo to Zorina for Black. 

Watch this page for news of our breedings and future news of the births.

Do Labs like children  - That is YES -