About Us

We have bred for all three colors since 2001 and we provide top quality dogs
·         We do not inbreed our dogs.
·         This gives you a calm, gentle, easily trained dog with intelligence that will retrieve, play with the kids, and keep Mom company in front of the fireplace.
·         All our dogs are vet checked, health checked, have first shots, de-wormed, 2-year guarantee on hips and eyes and breeder support.
·         Some of our dogs have gone on to be Service dogs, Ducks Unlimited and we re-home our senior dogs at 7 or 8 years.
·         We re-home older dogs occasionally
·         Started in 1992 breeding Pekinese, then Poodles and Bichon Frise and have groomed all breeds from 1979-2021.
 **We no longer provide Stud Service**
Jaqhs Labrador Retrievers is owned and operated by Irene and Dan McArthur
Affiliated with Barday Kennels /  bardaykennel@yahoo.ca
Jaqhs Labs
1 249-503-0432 / jaqhs1@xplornet.com
2285 County Rd. 48, Havelock, Ontario 
 KOL 1Z0


 ***The Labrador Retriever has been the #1 choice of dog since 1992***