If dog is man's best friend, then the Labrador Retriever must be his soul mate

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               Irene McArthur                                                          Doug Dafoe

              Jaqhs Labs                                                          Barday Kennels

              2285 County Rd. 48                                       616 Sandy Lake Rd.

             Havelock, Ont., Can.                                           Havelock, Ont. Can.

             K0L 1Z0                                                                        K0L 1Z0




         jaqhs1@xplornet.com                                     bardaykennel@yahoo.ca


                                                                                                                                                   www.jaqhslabradorretrievers.com                                                       You can also see us  at       www.breeders.net           

                                We welcome visitors to meet us and our furry family